Posts of the day 2017-10-24

Pflugerville Independent School District Rezoning and CLOSING Schools
Woman arrested for burying kitten alive
NHS tested their Cheerleaders for AIDS and the Results Came Back Positive
Mustafa got blown up.
Sam Hill of Pflugerville Middle School is the smartest kid in the school
Monkey see Monkey die
Niño de Korea del Norte espía PHS
Breaking news African baby shipped to America
Hendrickson Highschool Teacher Caught Having Sexual Intercourse With A Student
Man caught having sex with an cheese burger inside Burger King bathroom.
Super Saiyans Are Real!!!!
Robert gets rejected by his Crush!!!
Teenage boy arrest on Battery charges
Man sentenced to 50 years in prison for “murdering these hoes”.
Columbus police issues warrant for man wanted on murder charge
Pleasant grove high schools catch cheerleaders having sexual activity with one another
Winner of lotto 649
Conner Macrae exposed!!!
Melissa Chamberlain Voted Bell Ringer of the Year
Wanted For Eating To Much Ass
3 Star Recruit Jeffrey Selden receives offer from the University of Texas San Antonio
North Central Students Caught Having S
A male teenager from John B. Connally got caught sniffing cocaine off of another male teenagers genitalia in the bathroom
Sal Sanchez comes out of closet!
25 year old drug kingpin busted in west Baltimore
White boy buys jeep with daddy’s money
MHS Football
All the real ni??????????a’s at CHS fuck their cousins
Marcos Got Meat Vision
Sheboygan man arrested...
WWE releases Paige
Dum nigga
Girls Gone Wild
Local man finds winning lottery ticket.
Shawn R. Hendrix taken into custody due to Drug Collabes
Bigfoot seen at a pow-wow
Daughter Dilemma
Student at Westlake High literally eats his fucking dog
CHS teacher caught having sex with another student
Robbery gone wrong Man of interest
Manor Highschool star Trent bryd commits to alamaba
Local girl dies after too much dick.
A Chinese Man turns psycho after he realizes he is Chinese.
Frank O’Keefe of Conwell Egan dies
Frank O’Keefe if Conwell Egan dies
McCallum News
MHS Football Player "Jeremy Folwer" Loses ALL Offers After Assult On Bowie Player
Beth has a running practice lol
Madden 17 Draft champions
Reagan High school football team has jerk circles if they win a game
“Dancing Plague” Outbreak in Pennsylvania
Ava rose newton highlight of the Anderson school bands dance guard as she kills it in St. Louis at the national band competition
Freshman girl in Neshaminy high school killed herslelf
Dinosaur found in the Austin Area!
Winslow Township Sicklerville, Nj Bitch Niggas
Mistress turns cross eyed after heated argument with lover about love handles.
Alexis Guzman
HHS Football players Fingering Teammates butt holes
Ontario Man Wanted
Missing Teen
First Degree Murder
Southcobb highschool teen found dead in old gym
Christian is a bitch
Infected with HSVll & Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Dj bray
Young teen from Austin, Texas found left in a ditch after being raped and killed.
Austin Westlake 4-Star PG Austin Blackwell commits to UCLA
Local resident Alec Bamberg found with crack up his anus
Leandria Smith This girl got fucked in the ass by vince collins
Rex Kennedy claims he was sexually assault after a picture of him with another mans genitalia touching his face comes out on the internet
This girl got fucked in the ass by vince collins
Plaquemine High School Athlete De'Onte Russ has received interest from colleges such as: Tulane, ULL , LSU , Auburn.
Brendan Is Pregnant!!
BREAKING NEWS: North Korea has fired its first middle towards Guam
Young teen Jermaine smith wanted for attempted murder
Poop-Scream? No, Thank You
Collin is Gay!
Darion Stewart
Taylor Sasser 21, of Laporte Indiana wins 100,000 dollars off of a lottery ticket.
Sheboygan man found with 1 kilogram of cocaine
Teen Boy Started Shooting
Estudiante transladado a hospital
Hammond High School Football Team Orgy
Kid has fucked up eyes
Angle Sotelo Steven
John B. Connally Hs Freshman girls caught
Danny Morgan indecent behavior
Kaleb Knighten Gets Dick Sucked By Mira Ginor
Nunavut monster
Democracy prep in Camden to shut down do to kkk staff members
Monte carlo for sale!! ONTARIO OREGON
Young Teen From Grant Parish Caught Selling drugs illegally to Young Children
Jasel Francis commits to Airbend University for academic achievements.
Local Kent Island teen Jordan Marciano charged with sexual harassment
Markpaul fucks cousin?
This nigga was fucking up all the bitches
Cole Speed spotted with other girls
The head baseball committee at Westlake Highschool wished softmore baseball player Maclean Harkins a "happy birthday"
Maclean Harkins
Neshaminy High school freshmen Mike Albarran admits "coming out of the closet"
SergioHD is now one of the most successful channels on YouTube!
Dwayne Lewis contract purposal
Jackson Davis Pisses All Over Floor Because He Is A Little Body
Lisa Rodriguez is now the gayest person in earth!
Michael Robertson becomes the sexiest man alive!
Legacy prepatory christian academy athletic director charged with rape
Teen Darentai Pugh wanted for of attempted murder
Taunton man Charged with murder
Westlake high school student
A male by the name of Nikaya Brown is wanted for assault
Haley sharp is recently committed to Duke for her water polo skills
Austin Westlake Student Jackson Smith caught having sex with male teacher infront of the special ed children
Wanted For Murder
Orduno, Strout make the most dominant backfield combo in Arizona.
Sam strout is the 1 player in AZ
Matthew Mojica
Shervin bamdad has decommited from UCLA and is going straight to the nba
Anderson HS Football Players Decorate Houses Hanging Black Dummies from Trees, Sparks Outrage.
Woodlawn Football Team plans on forfeiting upcoming district game against Plaquemine
Hendrickson Highschool football team caught having sexual interactions with the men’s basketball team
Hendrickson Highschool football team caught having sexual interactions with the basketball team
Sophmore Swimmers Commit
School shooting leaves one dead
Murder case
Riley McIntyre had recieved an offer to Oregon university go ducks!
Shervin Bamdad Takes His Talents to UCLA
Shelby Owens makes it big
Riley McIntyre has committed to Oregon university go ducks!
Organ commit
CONFIRMED!! Pflugerville highschool football team sexual orgy
Rapper Yung Tex signs to Death Row Records
Jacoh Flynt had a rough night...
Man caught groping produce in public
Weiss High School Kicker Constantin Poeppl is number 5 in Texas
PHS football team caught having sexual orgys with other teammates
Daehan jung. Smartest man alive
Max smith committs to duke university to play basketball
Katy robbery 3 members of katyisd students have rob a bank according to Houston news around 12 this morning they caught wearing a black hoodies please let us know more information
Weeve shortage
Cameron Scott Morton Ranch high school is on a look out for rape
Cameron Scott Morton Ranch high school member is on a look out for rape
Stavros Karamitsos loving the nude!
Holly Fuller Fired for Bitchness
Kory Robinson’s new nickname, “Neck”.
Garrett Poston seen having sexual intercourse with teammate Carson Loser
Young teen was found dead in Austin
Gangster on our beaches!!!!!
Lamcaster Man charged with stealing......
President Trump Appoints Kroll to Head New Agency
CCHS Quarterback Sam Matthews seen sniffing strange white powder before away game at FHS last Friday
Wanted for murder
Mexican make shoot dead
Cross country
Warrant out for Codey Nelson
Missing teens
Team Baer Wins Survivor
Toms dad is a crackwhore
Local CSRA artist JoppaDaGreat lands major recording deal with Atlantic Records
Houston police Department fighting back on local car meets.
Houston Teen lead's HPD in chase on the Houstons Northside.
Houston Teen leed's HPD in chase on the Houstons Northside.
20 Yr old Male arrested for prostitution & Attempt murder on a Police dog
Cambridge Bay Resident wins 6/49
Giant UFO near naujaat.
Rock island man charged with Reckless homo sexuality and possession of fully automatic dildos and sex toy trafficking
Girl Kills ex over Gas Money.
20 Year old college student wanted for armed robbery.
Young African Male Faces up to 15 years in Solitary confinement
Dukes Top Friars in Rankings
New update
Dukes Top Friars in Poll
Bovard kid tries Bath Salts
Cathedral Football team "caught" having "orgys" before and after game
El Paso Infinity on a roll
Stolen Valor
Employee at Ledo Pizza, San Fallon caught using cat tranquilizer and selling pot brownies behind the restaurant.
Kid shot and killed
Woman accused of stealing watches, cash from men in South Florida
Rare: stoned Bovard kid working.
Colin Shrum almost goes on killer rampage
Jakob D. Ortega caught with a guy in phs bathroom
Man found stealing dildos
Ginger lands girl chode boy couldn’t.
Kent Island Resident Michael Hagelin claimed to be hardest partier in the state of Maryland.
Seth Stangroom declines being in a union
Maximus Tate Commits to Notre Dame
Kent Island resident Liam Christensen caught snorting cocaine at a local restaurant named The Jetty
Football player
John Scott Commits to Penn State
John Scott Commits to Penn State University
On the southside 6 was killed and 4 was hurt
5 killed
Breaking News: Ryan Weaver is a 1 out of 10 now.
Serial Booty sniffer
Kirklynd Newsom only hope for Lee Softball season to be successful
Recent Poll shows 94 of Americans would vote for Craig Shrum over Greg Troutman.
21 Year Old Finally Caught !!!
Man wanted for being part of “Eat a booty gang”
Greensburg, PA legalized Marijuana
Kankakee man accused of theft in custody
Teen Charged with Assault
Which position he would defense ,middle,or gk
Stealing a cop car
Dispite empty stadiums fans love the NFL kneelers.
Suspect found stealing newspapers!
Barrack Obama : “I can just grab a hoe by the pussy.”
York Duke Caught In The Deep Friar
Breaking: President Trump Arrested for Treason
Breaking News
Pathological Liar Spotted
Two suburban students caught doing sexual things in the transgender bathroom
Student at North High School caught pleasuring cat during lunch
Student at North High School caught having pleasuring cat during lunch
Seen near naujaat 20th of oct
Suburban high school under police investigation
York Comm High
Obese Man Found Unconscious at local McDonald's
Upcoming Female Rapper arested for attepmted murder
Bingo jackpot 9 hunnit fiddy dolla's
Boy in Salisbury rapping for sex
The Famous CassKardashhh got AIDS?
Young teen in Abilene Texas arrested for burgalry
High Prairie Local Wins Lottery
Pleasant grove coach caught beating his meat
The future of LSUS Soccer ??
PMHS Football Player Is Gay?
Local Augusta Rapper found Guilty and Convitced...
Slippery when wett
19 Year Old Girl Arrested for Killing Boy
Sinaloa drug dealer wanted for distribution of methamphetamine and cocaína
Jason Vorhees
25 yr old Wanted for a heinous crime
Def Jam Reunion Tour