Posts of the day 2018-08-31

Las Vegas Jackpot
Los Angeles lawyer attacked for saying 2Pac is overrated
Breaking news young girl blew up a car
Brooklyn man found with a dog head in his anal.
Happy 179th!
Woman sued for sucking mans testicles through penis during oral sex
Shreveport Woman Arrested
Went to jail for Stealing
Mack on Pack
Beyoncé Pregnant with Quadruplets TMZ reports
Man caught fleeing Osaka (Dine and Ditch spree)
Treasure found
Gail Chestnut-Johnson Feet Finally got rid of Claw like Toes
Dingleberry Tacos
Employees have sex on McDonald's Buns !
Southern Pennsylvania Man Wanted For Collecting Human Heads
Woman accused of performing sexual acts on street dogs for money in the indiantown area
Schenectady Man Is Charged With Armed Robbery
Freaknik at Falls Park 2019
Lil Wayne Co-Sign For Up And Coming “DMV” Artist “BIG Famous”
Man Swallows baby instead of getting abortion
Takashi found dead
The best player in anygame around the world
Courtney Scott wins the lottery
Dead man got up and beat his wife for cheating on him
Trash ass Cowboys fall to 0-5 in the No Cap league.
Grand Rapids Man Charged
Baltimore Woman accused of snack seven bitches
Fortnite player in Joliet gets arrested
Woman accuses of cutting girls throat for lying about her age to another Family member
Plumber charged with laying heavy pipe
Pussy gone bad
EBT taken out of connecticut
22 Year old women being sued for throwing feces in Chinese mans face yet claims “He was my client and asked for this frequently...”
Pasadena shooting
Benefits of Oral Sex
Wake County woman eats an otter...ALIVE!
BREAKING NEWS!! Pleasantvillle Man Arrested
Sherquesha Stewart "Wanted for murder"
Dandy marries lily in kenya ????????
Chicago man tired of his massive Penis
Rockford man dies from Alcohol poisoning
Guinea pig gets struck by lightning and now has super powers
Guy gets locked up for eating booty hole
Woman gives best friend C section with butcher knife
Snoop dogg 2020
Latonya Slaps Byhalia High School Math Teacher
Local men may soon me indicted
The thotist child
Man fight woman after find out she's a he
Man kidnapped in Chicago
Sad case
Zombies Attacks New Born Baby
Food stamps now legal to purchase hot food!
R. Kelly
Man puts d*** in women and can’t pull it out
Cronos Group Sued For Vagina Stank on Marijuana
Canton PD searching for a woman who allegedly stabbed boyfriend to death
Abbeville kfc employee wanted for deadly assault on crew
Canton PD searching for a woman who allegedly stabbing boyfriend to death
Man sued for ripping Twin's stomach in wild menage a trois
Florida man sets himself on fire after attempting to “breathe fire like a dragon”
Memphis man sued for sucking the Uterus out of his woman.
Kobe signs with Lakers
Women In Jail For Biting Husbands Penis Off And Swallowing It.
Laurel minor charged with rape
Donna pussy pics on leaked on fb
Man leaves fight to get inhaler but comes back with a gun
KIPP Delta Public Schools are firing teachers!
Breaking News
Man WANTED for robbery
Angie Reynolds finally comes around
Zombies Strike In Dayton
Arizona man charged with malpractice after performing abortion orally.
Nine month old baby drives into Chipotle
Man arrested for performing anal pleasures in the back of his Uber
President Trump Dead
Bunnell Man Arrested For Battery On His Baby Mother Cause She Didnt Wanna Pay Her Child Support & Cause She Went To Pinups Man Says..
Georgia Bulldogs coach suspended
@Bigg.Dawgg.Tinkk Worth Millions
San Antonio man charged with slapping elderly man
Person Shot
Breaking News Cowboys Release Zeke
Detroit man arrested for killing a woman with back shots
The flying man
New desease going around
Taylor Cole caught stealing vibrators at Spencer’s
D.C. resident was caught selling fake drugs to a very real undercover police officer
Man Sucks The Uterus From Woman.
Woman facing life for giving a man cancer through oral sex
Trumps Apology To The Minorities.
Homeless man arrested for trying to kidnap a woman to make love to her
*WANTED *26 year old woman known as Barbara Joyner caught slapping a woman at starbucks
*WANTED *27 year old woman known as Barbara Joyner caught slapping a woman at starbucks
Christopher Charles is wanted for the murders of two Louisiana State Troopers
Lynn woman arrested for having affair inside car
Three Arrested from McGehee High School
Detroit man overdosed after eating too much booty
Police officer found in Walmart restroom with heroin needle still in his arm!
Mon Valley Man Charged For Running Sex Ring
DC Man Arrested for Sucking the Clitoris lips off a woman
Car accident while on testdrive
Man dies after getting oral sex
Man Sued For Being A Fuck Boy
This is Ludacris!! ????
Toney Resident Practically Steals Livestock
Local Man from Farmerville, La. hits the big screen
Bang bus comeing to new britain ct
Dog drives owner to hospital after suffering heart attack
Arrested on manslaughter killed her fiancé
This man thinks you should hug and kiss your male family member
Vallejo man wanted
“Newbie Facebook Group” Yummy???????? Sticky Edition
Sale your foodstamps $1 for $1 legally????
It’s a emergency
Local Michigan man beats up husband badly
Black guy shuts down gmc and chevy
Woman guilty for ripping balls of men
Marijuana legal in nyc ( recreational use )
Georgia Lottery will sell last ticket December 31, 2018
2 year old Graduates High School
Birmingham Man Hits lottery
Alabama Man, 38, Steals Neighbors Goats For Citywide Goat Tea Party
Birmingham Man Arrested
Pimple popper, popped too many, now sustains infinite pimples on fingers
Local Dog breeder in hot water
Man sues lady over blow job
Man accused of stealing 1100 hamburgers from his job
Jesus Christ is “ Black “
Wanted for bank robbery
Man arrested for treating a woman too good
Woman arrested for eating mans penis
So it’s true!
Man drinks period blood
California woman, claims to have golden vagina.
A decatur woman recieved $98,000,in back pay from a slip in fall in her driveway
Woman arrested for having best he ever had.
Man takes woman's womb out on his penis
Latest Trump sex scandal
Longview police are looking for a 22 year old male who was accused of having sex with another mans wife
Beverley man caught fornicating cow on westwood
The blocker
Guys Slaps Baby With Ounce Of Weed
Breaking News
Augusta Teen Wanted For Murder!
Man has 103 kids 32 Baby mamas
Predator spotted in Houma.
DeKalb county man 'was arrested lastnight'for driving a stolen vehicle and possession of a stolen firearm.
Uptown man found raping pit bulls
Uptown found raping pit bulls
Man kills himself then comes back to life
Male accused of beating to much pussy up
Texarkana native gets a Sprite commercial placement after his dancing video goes viral
Charlotte employee
Local Mixed Woman makes it to work only "slightly late"
Columbia, SC man facing serious charges
On the search for stop sign bandit!!
Woman With Vagina And Penis Is Pregnant
Woman With Two Parts Have Baby
Buried with the late Aretha Franklin
Local Musician Voted Best Penis 2017
Wanted white male in Rockford for several felonie charges
Ghana drug queen finally caught
Trump accused of stealing women sex toys
Men being charge for giving multiple lady's multiple orgasms
Man arrested
The suited hob gobbler caught
Armed And Dangerous Man On Loose In Columbia
Donald Trump dies at 72
Gainesville Florida WomanArrested For Trying To Rob Beauty Max
She wants an ordinary man!
Never in a million years I wanted to be pregnant again
Man contracts STD after having sex with pet roach
Jamaicans only need passport to travel to Canada!
Police officials looking for a man thats spreading a new major Std worldwide
Baltimore man sued for having extremely long Penis
Kym is to be sentenced to first Degree Murder
Wilson County woman accused of breaking into nursing homes and tickling the Male patients feet
Man accused of giving young girl aids!!!
Woman bites penis off
Silver spring Man Sucks Uterus Out of Women
Black man confesses to wife he's been sleeping with secret lover name ben
Black confesses to wife he's been sleeping with secret lover name ben
Woman hits lottery, hides from friends and family.
Local comedian lands deal with Comedy Central
Man falls from sky