Posts of the day 2017-09-22

Lake Lampasas plans "dead in the water"
All GNC's are closing effective Q4 of 2018!
Congress Votes in Term Limits
Murder for the????
Chris will believe anything he reads on the internet!
Electoral College to be changed to NFL style coin toss
Going bankrupt
Trump signs executive order to activate the draft
M&m's peanuts No Longer Exist!!
Monroe and Escambia County serving indictments next couple of weeks.
President Obama moving to Jefferson County
Lake lampasas to be built
National Gander Goose Day
September 23rd Truly Is The End of Days.
Wanted In Memphis For Questioning
Pornhub Will Be Getting Taken Down Oct 12 2017
Taco Bell is Opening Formal Dining Experiences Near You
Young teenager found smothered to death.
John cena goes to jail for mearjaroina
Work Reduces Stress...
Liberals praise Trump
It's proven! If you're friends name is...
Breaking News: No more season 8 for Game of Thrones!
The bachelorette
Walmart giving away TV take all
The big sell
Donald Trump
Ace Academy Closure
Cereal killer on the loose in Wallace, NC
What are the best breeds of working, riding, or glue? Elmers © tells all!
Bad water
Breaking News
Child Support To Increase Twice as much owed by 2019
Big Booty Hoes Terrorizing Milwaukee County
Mark Richt heading to Tennessee to fill void of Jones
Dallas Cowboys forfeit entire Season
Declared Shutdowns
Kirby Smart fired Butch Jones hired as Georgia Head Coach
Social Security Numbers Ending in "5", Will Be Given a Tax Break
Iphone X give away!
Just released! Everyone must report to their local Town Office Immediately!
Apple decided to push back the IPHONE X will come out
Pennsylvania Woman Hits Lottery, Doesn't Know It
Syracuse mental hospital to close
Breaking News !
Matthew Cappitte gets caught lying and stealing money
Marilyn Manson has a prodigal son?
Montgomery woman fatal car accident
Woman wanted by SPD for stealing gum
Girlfriend Forced To In Take Tapeworm Egg For Being A Size One --- Boyfriend not arrested!
I like Coffee - Adam Bischoff
Woman hot sauce arrest
Marilyn Manson has a son?
2,000 isis members killing in florida
All bank accounts drained might wanna check your account
Maurice Faulkner armed and dangerous
Im Pregnant with TWINS!!!
Ford motor company shutting down all plants
Markell was charged with 3rd degree assault and possession of weed and a 9mm hand gun
Markell was charged with 3rd degree assault
Recall on All Copenhagen products.
Victoria Secerts is going to be closing
Conway man wins international lottery
ALERT: Prairie du Chien Roundabouts
Terence Decker wins it big!
Renown Regional Hospital Gets Shuts Down
CGCC Nursing Program Loses Accrediting Approval
Brian Curtis
Pizza banned in Saginaw Mi
Trey songz comes out of the closet
Jen Lin to star in upcoming winter blockbuster.
Male Caught Having Sex With A Field Rat
Alien Nation Will Begin On January 1, 2018.....All Citizens Must Adhere And Register Or Risk Deportation!
Petty Internet Star Gets TV Deal
Arkansas State Parks to start charging $20 a carload
Johnson City, Tennessee chosen for Clown Fest 2018!
Corinth School District will be closed Fri. 9/22/17
News From Tuscaloosa: RB's Can't Run, QB the Only Run Threat
US Senate has passed this bill now it is in the hands of Congress to stop.
DNR closes the 2017 Whitetail deer hunt
Fifth Lane Giveaway
Everything is now on a cob!
Peyton Manning, Straight outta retirement
Closing all Family Dollars
IPhone x blows up
The Baltimore ravens
Wright Township to plant sorghum on soccer/ lacrosse field as well as all open spaces in Wright Township Municipal park
Giant to shut down
No More Snickers
Hershey Chocolate to end final production next week
CSD to shut down all schools a week early due to roaches
Schwarzenegger to be on the next Presidential Ballot.
Duke Energy closing own plants
BREAKING NEWS: "Auber-bama University" coming to Alabama?
Walmart in Marion closing its doors
City workers getting their notice to find a new job
All Walmarts 75 off Whole STORE
Facebook Will Soon Start Deleting The Accounts Of Those Who Share FAKE NEWS!!!
National High School Wrestling rules change; To prevent injury...addition of ropes.
World is ending as we know it.
Cooking war started on WMU Campus
Reses penutbutter cups are gonna be removed from every single store
PROTEST NOW! Bring back Juanita's Truckstop!
Wamart closing all stores worldwide
REEFER MADNESS! Crazed Old Man Creates KPIG Hysteria With Fake News
Motorcycles to become outlawed
CTA going up on fare
Zombie Wolves are loose in Siberia!!!
The Walking Dead cast is on strike
Trump Ends Food Stamp Benefits Dec 1, 2017
Urban Meyer gets fired from Ohio State
Singer Marylin Manson set to visit Shelby NC