Girlfriend Forced To In Take Tapeworm Egg For Being A Size One --- Boyfriend not arrested!

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Last Sunday on the 17th of September, girlfriend of Albert Wesker has realized his girlfriend had a new clothes. Albert Wesker was upset because the waist of money. Why did she go on a shopping-spree if they are short on the amount of rent is what he had thinking. But his girlfriend Rebecca Chambers had told him she can no longer fit into her size 0, and she needed appropriate clothing for her job since the only thing that would fit her were her one-size leggings.

In disgust, Albert threatened to leave her. He did not want to have a "fat" girlfriend. His girlfriend begged him to stay. Albert admitted to the police that the only way he would stay with her was for her to inhale a tapeworm egg that he bought on the INTERNET from the black market. "She refused, but she already verbally agreed."

Due to Rebecca admitting to police that she had made this verbal agreement, they did not arrest Albert. Rebecca insisted that she did not want to eat that tapeworm egg, and says she wants to break up with Albert for doing so. Albert says he will sue her if he ended up breaking up with him, and police has stated he can sue for breaking "contract".

When Rebecca contacted trend-news, she had stated that she made a verbal "contract" and now is forced to stay with Albert. We stepped in and called lawyer after lawyer, and no law says verbal contracts are enforceable nor can be used as evidence in court even with police documents. Only when a recording can verbal contracts be negotiable. Rebecca relieved had sued the police involved within this scandal, and is now suing her boyfriend too for emotional distress and medical bills for the cost of medicine to remove the tapeworm.

Rebecca must make several appointments to check up on the living parasite eating most of her meals inside her stomach. "When I put my pants on, they slipped off. I am already back to size-0" Rebecca stated to us within our interview with her. "Hopefully a few fatty cakes could help me gain weight since I am dangerously underweight now."

Doctors say Rebecca Chambers will have to be hospitalized until the tapeworm is removed through a stool.

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This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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