Alien Nation Will Begin On January 1, 2018.....All Citizens Must Adhere And Register Or Risk Deportation!

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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With the recent slew of hurricanes, forest fires and other natural catastrophes happening in the U.S. Znobe Kiniba San , Alien Research Investigator of NASA recently uncovered a strange encrypted message left by a unknown yet relevant source traced back to the Manusian Civilization from the Planet Mars which reads, "On January 1, 2018 our dominance of the United States of America and South America will become evident. We have already been authorized by Our Envoy and Ambassador ¥€££|~€ to move forward with our plan. No better time while civil unrest between various nationalities and sects have weakened the confidence and trust of the current government as it relates to its citizens.
We will establish a New Government of Rule in which all citizens must sign a contract to maintain citizenship in our Manusian States of Allegiance. All who agree and comply will be guaranteed a new existence of health, wealth and peace. We will purify the environment of toxicity and hazards. The evidence of a Utopian Society will be prevalent. "
"There will be one government, ruled by a 'Council of Scholars,' who will oversee the operatives of all domestic affairs, ranging from Education to National Security. There will be no need for rioting nor prejudice. All people will be entitled to the privileges that they only dreamed of. After modeling this New Order of Society in America which is considered to be a lead pilot in this initiation, other countries around the world will desire the same Utopic Society as well. The Year 2019, Canada. The Year 2020, Europe. The Year 2021, Asia. The Year 2022, Africa. The Year 2023, Australia. The Year 2024 Antarctica. Therefore, we will have possession of the entire Modern World and create an ideal habitation for all.
Racial prejudice will be an issue of the past, because all mankind will be one color, "bronze!"
All paper currency will be done away with. The Bronze Card will be the only currency honored.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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