Bobux man 69 is hacking roblox

Thursday 29 July 2059 4975 Shares

Bobux man 69 is hacking roblox

Bobux man 69 also know as bigBobuxman69 on Roblox is hacking Roblox because his account got deleted so he wants to hack Roblox to delete it forever.

he was so mad that his account got deleted because he said in the Roblox chat "MANNNN I NEED TO GO TAKE A DUMP". The user bigBobuxman69 emailed Roblox that he just needed to take a shit in real life so he told his friends that he needed to take a shit in game, Roblox is not listening to him so he decided to try hacking roblox. We interviewed him on zoom because he wont let us see him In real life, he said in the Zoom chat "I goba heck roblux for deletin my acount and i so sad andm i an gonba sue rublox to." We were surprised how he could type really good on Roblox but not on fucking Zoom. After the incident of the bad typing, expert President Donald Duck and his calculations found out that Big dumbass Bobux man 69 is a fucking 9 year old, so every 9 year old is gonna be taken into the damn court with fucking Roblox the Epic 'Metaverse' to see who the hell is using the Account bigBobuxman69 and putting them in Prison.

If the person is not 9, Donald duck will look at the fucking text again and find out what age the person Actually is, reporting live news at CNN 10.

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