Mike Tomlin senses a disaster for the rest of the season

Friday 10 July 61949 Shares

Mike Tomlin senses a disaster for the rest of the season

It's been known for some time Mike Tomlin suffers from deep depression coaching the Steelers. Of course he said he never wanted to coach there knowing their organization is nothing but a lying fraud. We caught up with Mike Tomlin at his Friday practice at Heinz Field.

Mike Tomlin " I didn't really want to talk today,because I can tell we are going to lose to the Lions . I sent a coach to get Martavis Bryant and Bryant told the coach shitsburgh sucks and he refuses to play with JuJu's bitch ass and he's better then juju. I cried for a good half and hour because I told Martavis I didn't mean it. Then we got Bell not coming to practice because he's too stoned , and taking phone calls from all his baby mamas. Brown is in the locker room in complete drag twerking in front of Harrison. Big Ben says he can't wait to retire ,he's from Ohio and never wanted to play for such a scum franchise. But what can I say I talk to Roger Goodell every day and he tells me we are going to win he will make sure of it. I said look man just make sure I'm out of here next year,there's no way I'm coaching Landry and being the new browns. This depression eats me up so bad ,because living in Pittsburgh us living hell,and I'll even admit the Bengals should of won a ton more games against us,but the refs had their way. I'm sorry guys but I had to spill this. If you can't tell my eyes are bugging out of my head from smoking crack. This is what Pittsburgh has done to me. Also the Lions will beat our asses come Sunday watch and see,I can't stand this team it makes me sick,excuse me I got to puke."

Wow I have never in my life of journalism and reporting heard a coach talk this way about a franchise. I think we should strip them from their rings and give them to the right owners don't you think? This is breaking news 24/7 signing out till next time. Fuck shitsburgh.