The Mineral Energy Initiative (MIE) of Gemological Institute Of America (GIA) managed to convert crystals into fuel for experimental power plants and the results are very impressive.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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The Mineral Energy Initiative (MIE) of Gemological Institute Of America (GIA) managed to convert crystals into fuel for experimental power plants and the results are very impressive.

The Mineral Energy Initiative (MIE) of the GIA is a project that tries to turn all the minerals of the Earth, and not only the ones extracted from the Earth, into fuel to run power plants, with emphasis in renewable energy.

So far, this Initiative has been successful, mainly in the production of energy from diamonds, though they have started to produce energy from different types of crystals.

To start this story, we go to China and to a special place called, "Jiuhai New Energy."

Jiuhai New Energy is a factory dedicated to diamonds that converts them into fuel to run a power plant that currently generates about 300MW (which is pretty interesting). However, at the beginning of the second half of 2017, the goal of generating at least 100MW of energy from diamonds was surpassed and in this way, we can say that this crystal has been used to power at least one power plant.

So, how does it work?

According to MIE and its team, the project to convert different kinds of crystals into fuel started in 2014 when, under the initiative of Steve Jobs, the US was the first country to start a project that aimed to develop and produce fuel by converting coal into fuel. This project was called, "Minerals to Power."

In December 2014, in the same factory where Steve Jobs created this project, the team of experts in the MIE decided to test this project on different minerals. Thus, the idea was to prove that it is possible to convert coal into fuel, but also, it would be possible to convert coal into electricity through the diamond.

At that time, the team of experts was not sure if it was possible, but they were sure that if it were possible, it would be amazing. Well, we have news for you because now, at the end of 2017, the project to convert crystals into fuel for experimental power plants is finished.

The team of experts found that the conversion of coal into diamond is actually feasible. It is therefore possible that this crystal, through the same process, can also be used to generate energy through fuel. Therefore, this technology has been proven, and the next step is to develop the project in the field.

How does it work?

The team of experts has already begun to test and validate this project, and, in two pilot plants, the conversion of diamond into energy was tested. Although the project is being tested in the field, this technology is already used to power plants located in New Jersey and New York.

For the project to work, the team of experts needs only high quality diamonds to be tested, and the most commonly found diamonds in the world are, as we have already said, those that are mined in Brazil.

According to what the experts from MIE have said, this technology has already been proven, but now they need to go through a longer test phase to improve their projects.

We already have energy

Diamonds are already used for generating energy, and as the experts said before, they have the perfect element for this job. The difference lies in how to process it to create power.

It is actually possible to convert diamond into energy, but it will not be the same energy as we get from coal. Coal will still be used by power plants, but the type of fuel will be different.

When used in a power plant, coal will be burned to obtain energy, but with this new technology, it will not be enough to generate power. Instead, the diamond would be used to produce energy.

The energy produced by the MIE’s project will not be the same as the one used in other projects. For that reason, MIE has also said that it will also be cheaper to produce energy.

It was not that difficult to make it

When it comes to diamonds, nobody will ever say that it is difficult to make, but in the end, there is a question that many people wonder about.

How do you make energy from diamonds that they are already inside the Earth? That question was answered when we talked about the technology of MIE and how they are using the diamond to get power.

MIE’s diamond can go through the Earth and absorb heat from the planet and then use it to generate energy. This will make the world safer and cheaper to use, but the energy that will come out will be different from the power plants that we use today.

It would be a big challenge

As we mentioned above, if the world was more eco-friendly, this technology would not even be necessary.

At the moment, we are living in a world where we consume a lot of energy and there are not many solutions for improving that. The only thing that we know how to do now is using less energy. That is why the MIE diamond could be the answer to this problem.

It is estimated that the current energy systems are not going to be sustainable in 50 years.

One of the most important advantages of MIE is the fact that we are taking energy that is already within the Earth. It is not being created for us, so it is sustainable for a long time.

It would be possible to use diamonds to make energy

The question that many people ask when it comes to MIE is: Can they make energy? In order to answer that question, we need to know how diamonds are able to get energy.

If you think about the diamond that is found in nature, it is hard. It is so hard that even our strongest tools and equipment are not able to destroy them.

People who have worked with the MIE project knew that it is not that simple to crack it, but they never thought that they would be able to extract energy from it.

Scientists have found a way of doing it. This method is called the Microwave Induced Elasticity of Synthetic Diamond. This is a new and very interesting technique that they have discovered for the first time in 2015.

They managed to break the diamond down into particles so small that it can release energy when exposed to the radiation in the microwaves. The result was amazing.

They showed that they were able to make the diamond start producing electricity after just a few minutes. It is an effect that has never been seen before.

How do we know that this technology works?

The researchers have already been working with diamonds for a long time. They were conducting experiments with diamonds because they were interested in looking for a new way to make them shine.

They worked with synthetic diamonds that were made up of many carbon atoms to make them harder than naturally occurring diamonds. This research was aimed at the future of the diamond industry.

After working with a different approach, they were able to find a way to create diamonds that are more expensive than naturally occurring diamonds.

How can diamonds work in a way that other materials do not?

Diamonds are much harder than any other material that we know of. This property is perfect to make them suitable for many different industries.

Diamonds have been used in cutting, grinding, drilling and many other industries for centuries. However, no other material can match their durability and hardness.

Synthetic diamonds are made of many individual carbon atoms. These atoms are arranged in specific arrangements that make them harder than naturally occurring diamonds.

For the first time ever, scientists were able to produce a material that is harder than diamond. These diamond-like materials are also a lot more expensive.

The discovery in 2015 took scientists by surprise and it raised many questions. What was so special about these diamonds that made them more powerful than any other material?

New approaches to making synthetic diamonds

There are many types of ways to create synthetic diamonds and there are still many things that need to be learned about how they are made.

One of the most recent ways to create synthetic diamonds is using lasers. Lasers have long been known to be one of the most powerful tools in the scientific world.

By directing a high-powered beam of light through a certain type of metal, scientists are able to control the way atoms are formed in the metal.

It takes a long time to produce these materials, so they are usually not produced in large quantities. This is the first time that researchers have been able to direct a laser to create a synthetic diamond.

How do these synthetic diamonds work?

These diamond-like materials are actually made of many individual carbon atoms. By using a laser, scientists were able to change the arrangement of the carbon atoms so that they made the diamonds harder and stronger.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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