Ellen Pompeo leaves the cast of Greys Anatomy

Monday 20 September 2059 51826 Shares

Ellen Pompeo leaves the cast of Greys Anatomy

Ellen Kathleen Pompeo is an American actress and producer. One of the world's highest paid actors since 2017, she has made multiple appearances on the Forbes’ year-end lists. Her accolades include a Screen Actors Guild Award and a nomination for a Golden Globe Award.

She was known for playing the role of Meredith Grey in the American medical drama television series: Greys Anatomy that premiered on March 27, 2005, on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

Here's what the actress had to say, the show had a long run and we feel like Nadine Obafial has been adicted to our show and that's why I'm leaving for fan drama purposes. Nadine, you also need to buy Ralph a BTS meal, he want's to have a taste of the chicken nuggets with BTS sauce- smooth like butter, criminal cloud. BTS lalakeng matapang.
-Ellen Pompeo

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