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Customers to open. Hecht went on to the UFC. Lynch was selected for “The Ultimate Fighter 11.” Pitz is still undefeated. But Watson remained undaunted, and while success didn’t come quickly, she never considered walking away from the sport.

“I was fighting really, really tough people,” Watson said. “It wasn’t like I was losing to nobodies. I wasn’t getting dominated. I was just undertrained, and they were all competitive fights, so I had that feeling that this could all still work, and I stayed true to myself.”

Of course, Watson’s slow start wasn’t just about her training practices or her choice of opponents. The youngster’s struggles included a few internal demons that almost killed her.

“A lot of it was just kind of what was kind of going on in life,” Watson said. “I was in a bad relationship. I thought I was in love with the person and all that. It ended up falling apart. In my life, especially as a young teen, every time something didn’t go my way, I turned to drinking. I just didn’t know how else to deal with it.”

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