Hillary Clinton Awarded "Crookedest Lying Horses Ass of the Decade so Far"

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Hillary Clinton was honored Sunday night with the "Crookedest Lying Horses Ass of the Decade so Far" award. Not only did she excel in being crooked, she excelled in being a liar and a complete horses ass. Earning this triple title is not easily earned unless someone really worked hard at it.

The award was given by none other than the winner of the Biggest Horses Ass of Year Award, Stephen Colbert.

One of the events that occurred that gained Hillary this prestigious award was her clear disregard for the personnel at Benghazi who had been in communications with her for months leading up to the attack that cause the deaths of several people. She was not only utterly dumb for not taking measures to ensure their safety, her first reaction to the tragedy was to spread stories about "Internet videos" causing it as if it were a sudden attack that nobody saw coming. This fabrication makes her a total lying horses ass.

Next is Hillary's gross negligence in handling and total disregard for protecting classified State Department emails. Hillary setup an insecure email server in her basement to handle the emails. This act alone gains her the award for being a horses ass. Then, not only did she refuse to turn over all the emails investigators, she pick and chose which ones to hand over while trying to erase what was left behind. Then she played dumb and lied many times about the situation. She earned the lying horses ass award hands down for this one. She most likely got rid of all the evidence of her taking bribes, which makes her a crook for trying to destroy evidence of being crook. She at least should have been fined an prevented from ever holding a government position again. But she is privileges and got away with it.

Let's not forget how she took bribes though the Clinton Foundation to entertain guest who wanted State Department favors from her. One of the most well known bribe schemes was her giving away 20 of our Uranium deposits to a Russian controlled company. This makes her the crookedest!

We could not possibly report all the crooked schemes Hillary has done throughout the years, the ones we have mentioned so far are 3 of the latest well-known schemes and negligent behavior.

We will always remember how much we want to forget Hillary Clinton!

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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