Local Paulino Fuentes repotting missing

Saturday 19 June 2059 68890 Shares

Local Paulino Fuentes repotting missing

Late last night Paulino Fuentes's mother called the Indio police to report that Paulino been missing. Police went to the missing person house to look some trace of where he could be. They found a black spoon, a crack pipe, and dildos that been used by Paulino Fuentes. Police ask around and what they heard wouldn't shook you. Local says that they saw Paulino went down the street and saw him get into a car, there was an old man in the and they know what was going on until they saw Paulino went down in the old man and started to blowing him. After he was down he clean his mouth which was covered of cum. One local went up to him and ask "Paulino why are u doing this sucking up the plug for a quick sack?" Paulino responded with "Shut up foo, I'm just trying to get high with my crack weii"
. Then the local told him "Go back to your swamp". Then Paulino ran off yelling "GET IN MY BELLY"

If you see Paulino Fuentes in a car sucking up the plug or in the streets inside the garbage dump, contact the police and to make sure to that song "All start" to calm him down

He's a picture of pualino Fuentes "trying to be cute"

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