EA sued over FIFA Mobile

Sunday 01 August 2059 6282 Shares

EA sued over FIFA Mobile

The world famous company, EA sports, have been sued by angry gamers.

Daniel Pearson, 25, had been playing FIFA Mobile since 2014. He filed a lawsuit against the company in 2019, when he was forced to pay £50 to continue playing. It was hourly, and it eventually came to him having to pay over £1000 at once to even access his phone. Many others had this problem, including Bill Gates, who had no problem with it, however was called to Chicago to give evidence for the lawsuit. Pearson’s father, Matthew Roberts, died in 1999, and he inherited his life savings. He sued EA for £17,000,000. The lawsuit looks to be in Pearson’s favour. The story will be updated.

Written by Kate McFlynn (Trend News)

Sources from ABC, Fox News, CNN.

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