AdaptoCaps Cause Muscle Atrophy

Tuesday 26 October 2059 35287 Shares

AdaptoCaps Cause Muscle Atrophy

FOX News- The FDA announced this week that AdaptoCaps are scientifically unproven, have no discernable health benefits, do not give 'support wellness or vitality', and in fact are harmful.

Dr. Andrew McGovern held a press conference Friday, in which he revealed the startling results of recent studies involving the dangerous AdaptoCaps.

"This unproven bullshit causes muscle atrophy" announced McGovern "just look at Philip Fairbanks' biceps. He's a girly man. He can barely open a jar of pickles."

Attendees at the press conference laughed when they saw the photograph of Philip Fairbanks.

More details as they become available.

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