Bank Robber funds lavish Wedding

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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2006-10-20 20:09
New Orleans - A man who robbed a bank to pay for his luxurious wedding was convicted of theft by a court in Louisiana on Wednesday and given a prison sentence, media reported.
The 31-year-old serial bank robber stole $194,400 from a bank in the Slidell, LA area in July.
Washington, became a regular client by casing the bank for more than 3 months leading up to the actual robbery. Federal Detectives had little difficulty finding him after he returned from Bahamas, where he had celebrated his wedding ceremony with his new wife Carmeica Watson (A hairstylist from New Orleans, LA) alongside 13 guest where they spent 14 days having a luxurious honeymoon, Bahamas press agency APB reported.

The robber will see less of his new wife for the next 40 years that he will have to spend in a maximum federal prison under multiple bank robbery sentences, which also includes a period of probation.

This bank robbery was not his first bank robbery. Washington, has a long list of crime sprees and mob ties. He was also featured on the popular television series America’s Most Wanted a total of 4 times.
Last year Washington and another man Dan Robinson was found guilty of holding up banks four times my multiple states to finance his wedding and a new home priced at over $370,000 for his new wife.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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