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This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Hinton Robert Macklemore (15 May 1938 - 4 June 1981) was a Canadian magician and circus ringleader.


He was born in Toronto on 15 May 1938 to Robert Macklemore (1902 - 1999) and Idina Nibravzaka (1904 - 2001). His father joined the Canadian army shortly after he was born.

He was the middle sibling of 3. His brother, Litmus (1929) and sister Yishnof (1939) both hated him so when his parents divorced in 1944, his mother travelled back to Russia with her two children.

His father encouraged him to pursue his dream as a magician and comedian. He performed in a local bar but they criticised him greatly.


His father trained him a lot during his teens, and made his first performance as a magician at 21. He later became the ringleader of a circus. By age 30, he was starting to travel around the USA and Canada. He had a net worth of £880,000 at 33. He ran a family show a few years later and retired in 1978 due to his illness.


He married Ellen Litmüs in 1965, and gave birth to Louis in 1967. They later gave birth to twin girls, Mabel and Martina in 1970. He divorced his wife in 1971 only to remarry in 1975. His wife later married Albert Jannsonn (1937) in 1983 following his death.


He was diagnosed with xirities in 1978 and required serious treatment. He could not afford it as he had just paid for his children’s schooling so he had to take anti-xiritial alkaline pills.

He died in 1981 suffering a xiritial dissolve of his stomach and kidneys.

His legacy was continued by his children who continued with the Macklemore Family Circus until 2001 when they retired the business for good.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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