New Samsung Airpods

Thursday 23 September 2059 16262 Shares

Samsung has announced their second model of wireless earbuds, the Samsung Sounds Wireless! "Older models will get an email on their phone asking if they would like a pair," says Samsung "they also are similar to Apple AirPods in looks, but even the AirPods couldn't compete with these!" They've even teased an image of these calling them private project "Sounds." If you'll be purchasing these, make sure you ask them for "Fortnite Frenzy" as you purchase. They will give you a code for 5,800 VBucks and a custom, Fortnite case to cover your Samsung Sounds! These earbuds also work with any console or PC that runs Fortnite! These amazing beauties will be at the cheap price of $30-$50 price range.

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