New "Shrek 5" slated for 2019 supposedly features full-frontal nudity of Shrek

Wednesday 27 October 2059 27686 Shares


"Shrek 5", slated for release in 2019, supposedly features a scene in which we will see Shrek, fully nude, facing the screen.

The scene will likely give the move a rating of PG-13 or above. Parents will be advised not to take their children to see the movie, in order for them to keep from seeing the explicit scene.

"It was an uncomfortable scene to film" says Mike Myers, voice actor of the Shrek character. "I almost couldn't read the script without laughing or crying"

The Shrek series has been known to include raunchy, adult comedy before, however, some parents believe this will be crossing the line. "I can't believe they would put this in a kid's movie" says an outraged parent who did not want to be named. "A series intended for children should not include any form of full-frontal nudity whatsoever"

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