The Griezmanm Scandal: Explained

Thursday 23 September 2059 43271 Shares

The Griezmanm Scandal: Explained

Rapper and footbal player Antoine Griezmann accused of playing Castle in the video game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

The rapper was also charged with playing Fuze during hostage rescuing missions.

World Class soccer player Antoine Griezmann has been involved in what is regarded as the most controversial scandal in gaming history since Gamergate.

Last week, sightings of the rapper playing as Castle in defense rounds were reported to the Gamer Police Department. This has sparked a worldwide backlash from the Gamers Rise Up community, including comments from the Anti-opression Group of Gamers:

"Griezmann is a dum libtard", said the spokesperson for the AGG.

There have also been allegations of playing as Fuze and Hibana in hostage rescuing missions against the rapper and soccer player. We, here at, managed to get exclusive comments from one of his teammates, Beckenbauer:


Griezmann in currently under custody of the NYPD and waiting to testify.

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