This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Controversial old timer, religious nut and voice of the 700 Club, Pat Robertson came across a copy of the controversial comic book that is taking America by storm, Knights of Kev'Lar and made statements that have heads spinning faster than Linda Blair's head in The Exorcist. Millions tuned in to The 700 Club yesterday morning to hear Pat Robertson read excerpts from issue 2 of Knights of Kev'Lar where he said "This book was sent to our promo department and my grandson somehow got a hold of it and I caught his little ass reading it in the green room. Let me tell you, it is full of demons and witches and these women that call themselves lesbian cyborg assassins." He went on to say... "Let me tell you, you know how I feel about the gays and my prediction that they will be the cause of humanity not being able to reproduce in the next 30 years. Well lesbian cyborgs are a whole new beast and will be the total destruction of humanity as we know it." AND he went on to say...." It won't be wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, or nuclear bombs that will destroy us. It will be these gay cyborgs. I'm telling you, what is this world coming to? Lord have mercy." The comic book published by UWS Comics is Knights of Kev'Lar and it comes from the disturbed mind of creator/artist and writer Matt LaRock and has a Kickstarter going right now at LaRock was unavailable for a comment at this time. We also reached out to the LGBT community at the Brave Bull nightclub in West Hollywood, California to get their thoughts on what Pat Robertson had said on his show. One gentleman who wished to not have his name published said " Oh, crazy old Pat strikes again, eh?! We're used to his ignorant banter and we all know there is a special place in Hell for him so we here in the LGBT community are not afraid of that old coot who we all know deep down is a a big old queen". That could explain his fascination with one of the characters in the book named Queen Needles. C'mon Pat, if you're reading this come out of the closet while you've still got a few bones that don't rattle every time you flap your gums.
The Knights of Kev'Lar is about four knights sent to earth to guard the seven gates against Queen Needles and her evil henchmen. It is set in the coastal Oregon town of Canon Cove, and is written, drawn and hand lettered by Matt LaRock, with grey tones by Erik Dee Fullmer and published by UWS Comics. Knights of Kev'Lar issue 1 is available at and issue 2 is taking pledges on Kickstarter and will be hitting comic book stores everywhere later this year.

Report by Elrik Dee Fullmerman

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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