LeBron James buys Chris Paul’s New Orleans Condo

Tuesday 19 October 2059 19583 Shares

LeBron James buys Chris Paul’s New Orleans Condo

In some respects you should feel sorry for the Golden State Warriors. They’ve just won a second straight championship, their third in four years, and yet they’re nowhere near the biggest story in the league. Enjoy the parade, Warriors, just don’t be offended if our attentions are elsewhere: LeBron James may well be on the move.

After all, someone wins the NBA finals every year – and sometimes it’s not even the Warriors. But it’s a much rarer occasion that the Best Player In The Game (And Possibly Of All Time) is facing free agency.

James, understandably for a player of his talents, has always had an eye on his legacy so he places great importance on setting himself up to win further championships. How exactly he plans to do that is still unclear. But buying Chris Paul’s New Orleans downtown condo certainly gives us goosebumps. Especially after we’re the first to report this thanks to an insider of the New Orleans real estate market.

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