SEXUALLY ASSAULT AND Abused Detroit Westside

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

Saturday 03 December 2059 51525 Shares

Jimmie 26 year old of Detroit Westside is Around 9:45 pm Sunday, The 26 year old Said He was Taking A Nap, & He heard A Sound that Startled him..Jimmie then Say he Jump Up to see what’s Was Going On, Claims He Peeked Out the Window & There was someone Peeking back.” Jimmie began To Scream in A panick, The Attacker then Began Trying to get inside. 26 old Jimmie Claims To attempt to call the police: But what happens Next Jimmie Seen The Attacker in the Light “ said he was Fine as Hell so He let The Attacker in..”He tied me up begin undressing me and then he removed His Shirt, body was Glistening for the Gods at this point I forgot he was my Attacker for a moment ...Next He Unzipped his Pants, “I began to thank God At this point” jimmie says He felt as if he was Role playing...Then He Sexually assault me” I loved every inch “I mean every bit of it” he was Light Skin 6’5 blue Eyes Full Beard.. waves, And lots of Tattoos, he Completely Violated Me and I love it so every Night I leave my door Unlocked” Hoping He will return, The worst night of my life! I didn’t get a name or number not even his Instagram.. victims says “ Please Come Back” my doors are always open!
Im emotionally disturbed like why would he come change my life like that then Disappeared “I think I love him”

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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