Indian Kid Getting Ready For The Big Bust

Friday 17 September 2059 7386 Shares

Indian Kid Getting Ready For The Big Bust

Siddarth who is a current student at RIT. Lives on Sol 3. Is getting ready for the big nut breaking cumshot. He found the perfect
Match while in class and has been practicing by rooing in his roommates bed. Every time his roommate wakes up feeling sticky Sid just says it’s nothing don’t worry about it. Sid is also an avid collector of his own semen. Under his desk there are a total of 69 jars filled with his cum. We’ve ask Sid what’s the reason for collecting his cum and he goes....”They are for the icing of my gf cinnamon buns.”

What the actual fuck.

We left Sid with one comment

“Don’t be silk wrap your Willy.”

Have a fabulous Friday!

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