Broncos make blockbuster trade with colts

Wednesday 27 October 2059 36482 Shares

Broncos make blockbuster trade with colts

In a surprising twist to the ever ailing quarterback needs of the Denver Broncos, John Elway has decided to pull a trade of the century. Trying to steal the same thunder that John Elway captured when signing Peyton Manning. John Elway plans to bring in another Colt to finish the job here in Denver.

Since the Emergence of Jacoby Brisett, the Colts are no longer in need for Andrew Luck. The Colts now need a decent backup for their young star. Here is where the Broncos come into play, the lackluster play of Trevor Siemian and not so stellar play of Pre-madona Emanuel Sanders, were big in considerations of acquiring Andrew Luck.

Along with these two offensive players the Broncos will send their 1st and 2nd round draft picks for the next two years. It seems the Broncos are betting the farm on another old hurt Colt, maybe they think this Colt can become a Raging Bronco!

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