Police: Armed Lake Station Resident Stops Would Be Attacker On His Property

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Police: Armed Lake Station Resident Stops Would Be Attacker On His Property

Lake Station Resident Cristal Hirosky (26) called the LSPD early Wednesday evening exclaiming that her husband, Samuel Hirosky (25) was armed, and had incapacitated a man attempting to come into their home after telling him to leave the property multiple times, whilst holding him at gunpoint until police arrived at the 2600 block of Vanderburg St. The trespasser, Humberto Leon (39) of Portage IN was seen on CCTV kicking yard decorations on their property, yelling expletives and making threats while Samuels (25) wife, daughter, and family friend were in the house.

According to police, the family friend is currently going through a divorce with Leon.

According to witness accounts, as well as CCTV footage from the property, Leon attempted to kick in the front door of the home. Following that incident, Hirosky opened the front door with a bulletproof vest, armed with an assault style rifle, as well as a 9mm handgun. Hirosky however did not need to fire a shot, as he advised NWI Times that Leon was unarmed and didn't warrant him to use lethal force.

Hirosky began bludgeoning the man with closed fists and flower pots, and when Leon was subdued, Hirosky chambered his rifle, and reportedly put the barrel of the firearm into Leon's mouth, which resulted in dental trauma.

When police arrived, Hirosky quickly got up and allowed officers to take Leon into custody without incident.

Charges will not be filed against Samuel, and a spokesperson for the Lake County Sheriff Department did not advise us on Leon's charges.

When Region News Source reached out to Samuel Hirosky for comment, he exclaimed that he was "calm and collected" throughout the incident, and that he was "just flowing".

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