Lil Newf Preforms "What You Started" For The First Time Since Release!

Thursday 29 July 2059 35943 Shares

Lil Newf Preforms

Newfoundland Isn't Famous For Rapping But With Rappers Such As Lil Newf. Newfoundland Is Starting To Go On The Hip Hop Map.

Lil Newf, Born Nathaniel Douglas Earles On March 8th 2004 In Gander NL, Is Rising To The Top For NL Since 2018, He Preformed "What You Started" With The Collabration Of Ragz In Harbour Grace On June 24th 2021, With Just Under 2k Streams On Spotify And Other Streaming Platforms, Lil Newf Has Been Cheered On To Preform Again.

Who's Lil Newf? Lil Newf Is A Newfoundland Rapper Born In Gander On March 8th 2004, He Started His Music Career On June 25th 2018, And Has Been Making Music Ever Since. He Has Said That He Has A Future To Make Music For A Living

NL Hip Hop News (NLHH) Harbour Grace.

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