Teen Breaks Into Home Own Home

Tuesday 15 June 2059 22682 Shares

On Saturday April 12th Authorities were called to the home of Lou Sassle, 16, for breaking into his own home. The parents were awakened to strange noises, as Lou tried climbing into the home from his own window after partying with some friends that night. Mr. and Mrs. Sassle had immediately called the police as soon as they heard movement in the bedroom across from there's. When the police had arrived they found Lou Sassle trying to climb through the window when he had fallen from his two story home into near by neighbor's yard. Police had gave warning to the young man to restrain from getting up, in case of any injuries, and to arrest the young man for attempting to break into his own home. Lou ignored the warnings, and got up to walk towards the two police officers( Sgt. Mike Hunt, Officer Ben Dover) exclaiming he was going to "tickle their booty holes" as he walked injured across the neighbors yard. The two officers offered final warning to the young man before arresting him. Sgt. Mike Hunt told reporters that the arrest was clean and no booty holes were tickled that night. As for the parents of the young man, they were relieved to know it was their son, who had been gone for two weeks previously. The parents told reporters that their son has left the home Friday night, and hadn't returned until that Saturday night.

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