Buffalo, NY Named "Stinkiest City in America"

Saturday 25 September 2059 48643 Shares

Buffalo, NY Named

No, we're not talking about how much the Bills stink!

Whether you are walking down the street and get a waft of raw sewage from the beautiful Buffalo River, or you smell the hot salami stench of some leftover subs from Jim's Steakout, the smells are distinctly Buffalo's own. Hot sauce lingers in the air while you walk down just about any road and it has caught the attention of others.

Buffalo has officially landed on another national list, and this time it’s because we smell
But like, in a good way! We all know the saying “my city smells like Cheerios”, and now the whole country knows too. Expedia Viewfinder recently compiled a list of “10 of the Nation’s Smelliest Cities”, where author Chloe Mulliner picked out 10 cities across the United States with the most unique smells.

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