Juwan Hooper As Suspect Held In investigation For 48 Hours In St. Paul Homicide Arrested Involved To Murder Scene On University And Dale Street

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A shootout near a University Avenue motel from the weekend of July 12, 2017, involving suspected gang members, left one teen dead and a man charged with murder already.

Cedrick Mannerin was charged Friday with two counts of crime committed for a gang and two counts of second-degree murder in the death of John Marshall Broyles, 17, who went by JB.

The Saint Paul Police of Department have been arrested several suspicions was involved to a murder scene.

Witnesses said they saw men running before they heard gunshots, according to the criminal complaint filed in Ramsey County District Court. Surveillance footage appears to show JB firing first, and he was found with a gun under his body, according to the complaint.

JB was with a cousin, CB, about 11 p.m. Saturday night at the Days Inn on University Avenue near Prior Avenue from July 12, 2017, according to the criminal complaint. The two 17-year-olds were planning to go to a party at the motel.
As they walked through the parking lot, the boys saw Hooper — known as “Slim” or “JuJu” and “BDS”— in an SUV and exchanged unfriendly glances, CB told police. CB said Slim and BDS is a member of the East Side Boyz gang and that “he and Slim have been enemies since he was 11 and joined (the) Gutter Block (gang),” the complaint said.
CB said Slim and men pointed a gun at him and JB through the SUV’s windshield, so the teens ran, the complaint said. As he was running, CB said he lost track of JB and heard gunshots.

Witnesses said they saw seven men run from the Days Inn just before shots rang out. Witnesses told police there were two shooters, the complaint said.
JB was found dead on the sidewalk. A handgun was under his body, the complaint said.
Investigators found spent shell casings of two calibers in the area where witnesses reported seeing the gunfight. The complaint does not say whether the gun under JB’s body matched bullets found at the scene.
A several women who was with Slim and BDS in his SUV told police that when the two teens walked past the car, one pulled up his shirt to show a gun in his waistband, the complaint said. The males then took off running and Slim chased after them, the woman reportedly said.

The woman told police that BDS said, “I shot back when I got shot at,” according to the complaint.
Surveillance video of a nearby business’ parking lot, where the shooting occurred, appears to show part of the incident, the complaint said. “CB sprints through the parking lot and is almost out of camera range before JB enters the frame. JB runs east through the lot parallel and close to the building. JB turns his right arm and appears to fire at Slim when Slim rounds the building’s corner,” the complaint said.
Juwan Hooper was arrested by the Anoka County SWAT team Friday afternoon at a home in Eden Prairie.

In a police interview, Hooper said he saw CB, whom he recognized, with a “chunky dude,” whom he did not recognize. The “chunky dude” with CB flashed a gun, Hooper told police.
Hooper said he was scared and was trying to protect the woman with him, so he got out of the car and followed the two males with his friends, the complaint said. Someone shot at him as he rounded a corner, so I don’t know who returned fire, he told police.
“Hooper said it happened so fast and he was scared so I don’t know who did just shot back without looking,” the complaint said. “When told that he had an opportunity to not chase after CB and the other man, Hooper said he knew that and he had ‘f—– up,’ and he asked police to stop bringing that up.”

Investigators believe Hooper is a member of the East Side Boyz gang. Hooper denied being a member but said he is associated with the gang, the complaint said. He acknowledged that the East Side Boyz and Gutter Block gangs are rivals and feuding.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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