SHINee's Key Leaving The Band!

Wednesday 27 October 2059 19679 Shares

SHINee's Key Leaving The Band!

K-pop boy band SHINee has become yet another SM idol to have come forward on leaving the band, the group's management revealed this on Sunday.

SM Entertainment announced that Key (Kim Ki-bum) had opted to leave the group and the entertainment company after the band’s original contracts expired in June, nine years after the group's debut in 2008. The remaining members of the boy band -- Lee Tae-min, Lee Jin-ki, Choi Min-ho, and Kim Jonghyun -- have chosen to re-sign with the agency and will continue on as SHINee.

Although this had come unexpected, many Shawols have recently begun to notice the disappearance of some of Key's pictures with his band. Key has not yet given out a statement and nothing else other than the news of his departure was released from SM Entertainment.

2017 has proven a tumultuous year for Korea’s pop industry, with SHINee joining several other high-profile K-pop acts seeing shakeups this year; groups such as Wonder Girls, AOA, Sistar, and T-ara have all either broken up or seen member departures.

More updates will be posted as we are informed.

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