This Week we ride with a DMV Outlaw

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Renegade News September 2017

Most of us keep our tags current, our inspection stickers up to date, drive with a legal license and insurance. Some of us do not. What prompts those who do not? Sometimes they honestly don't know something expired. Sometimes the money is not there and they save and correct the situation. There is a third type; they do it because they want to. They disagree with the state's laws and the process of the DMV. After a bit of trolling, we found and interviewed one such specimen. He wouldn't let us use his name, but here's the interview:
Renegade: thanks for speaking with us. We will not identify you, but what state do you live in? The laws are different, we want to know what you deal with.
Outlaw: Pennsylvania. Safety and emissions tests. Every damn year. Insurance mandatory. License every 4 yrs. The most incompetent DMV in the capital I have ever seen in my 40 yrs of life. It's all a cash grab, corrupt at every level. If you look stupid, the garage doing the inspection will tell you that you need a new radiator to pass, or that you should have an oil change to pass. Not true.
Renegade: is that your issue, that they take advantage?
Outlaw: of course. I know the difference, many people don't.
Renegade: so how do you protest this?
Outlaw: as a matter of principal, I'm going to run my inspection over by at least a year. So I guess I update every two years for about the last 15 yrs. Sometimes I have insurance, sometimes I don't. Depends on my mood or when I had to get a new registration.
Renegade: don't you get pulled over?
Outlaw: once or twice in the last 15 years. You have to know what roads to drive, what time to drive them, what lane to be in.
Renegade: so you study this?
Outlaw: of course
Renegade: why?
Outlaw: why? Cause screw them, that's why. They spend taxpayer money looking to catch someone like me. Why? The police car says protect and serve. If my tag is expired by a month and they pull me over. Who are they protecting, who are they serving? They're serving the state government by giving them money that they will mis-spend, lining their cronies with cash.
Renegade: ok, hard to argue with that. But what do you say if a police officer spends his or her time pulling you over when they could have been somewhere else possibly stoping a crime?
Outlaw: don't pull me over and you won't have to guess about that.
Renegade: ok

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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