5 Signs That Tell if You Are Dead.

Saturday 30 May 52000 Shares

5 Signs That Tell if You Are Dead.

Ever wondered if you are dead? Well here's how you can find out with 10 easy signs to show if you are dead.

You cannot see anything.

You can't see anything but black. It's common to not see anything, but for more than a week maybe a sign you are dead.

You cannot move.

No moving, either you are very lazy, or are dead. Lack of movent is a sign that you are dead.

You have no friends.

If you are dead, or maybe dead, you might have lost most to all of your friends. If you exprice this, consult a psychiatrist.

Lack of Interest.

If you think you are dead, you may have lost interest in most of the things you enjoyed. Hobbies are included.

You don't remember anything.

Signs of being dead can be severe, but this one takes the cake. You can't remember anything, including names, family, pets, colors, houses, and more.