S. D. Blankenship, an Author with A WritingFreak, shows off his Royal roots!

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S. D. Blankenship, an Author with A WritingFreak, shows off his Royal roots!

"Yes," proclaims the Author of such novels as "Life & Death 'Gray Wold and the Warlock Cowboy'", and the number one best seller, "Schizophrenic", "--my blood-line can be traced back to King James IV of Scots and England as my 14th great grandfather.
The royal Majesty, Queen Ann would be my 3rd Cousin 10 times removed. Following the blood line from my maternal great grandfather Guy Rodney Edward Edds, Sr. His mother was Eugie Jane Lemons who married William Nathan "Edds/Eades/Eads", (Spelled a number of ways,) Her parents were, James Addison Lemons. He married Elizabeth Agnes Moss.
James parents were Elizabeth Amelia McDowell, who married Father Abraham Lemons. ESQUIRE. Elizabeth's parents were, John McDowell who married a woman simply known as "Bettie".
John's parents were, Magdalena Woods, who married Captain John McDowell who was killed by Native Americans in Balcony Falls, Pennsylvania.
Magdalena's parents were, Michael M. Woods, who married Elizabeth Campbell.
Michael's father John Andrew Woods, who married an unknown woman, was the son of Isabella Bruce, who married John Trooper Woods from Rapho Donegal Ireland.
The line then goes to a Sir. Patrick Bruce I, who married Lady Janet Jackson, of Scots. From here the line lead to Jane Fleming, who married William Bruce of Airth. (Don't worry, we are getting close, now,)
Jane Fleming's parents were John Fleming, 5th Lord Fleming, who married Lady Elizabeth Ross.
John Fleming's parents were Lady Janet Stewart, who married Sir Malcolm Fleming Baron of Fleming.
Lady Janet Stewart was the daughter of King James IV and his wife, Queen Margaret Tudor."

S. D. Blankenship says he is related to the king in more ways then one, though his great grandmother, Joan R. Boggs Edds, he has traced his linage back to the Lord Livingston's. Starting with Agnes Douglas, Countess of Argyll who married Alexander Livingston, 5th Lord Livingston.

In a closing statement, S. D. Blankenship wanted to share this with everyone. Seeing as he is an award winning Author.
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