Online dating gone wrong

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Online dating gone wrong

 We've all looked for love in all the wrong places but don't tell that to Chad Thomas. Chad recently met up with a love interest from an unnamed dating website.

"She was everything I ever wanted in a potential girlfriend she was funny, witty, petty and she had a very beautiful face." Says the New Orleans East Native. But after weeks of begging for a FBS (Full Body Shot) Chad explains that she would not answer his requests and would disappear for days at a time.

Finally after weeks of torture, Chad was in the surprise of his life. He had agreed to meet up at a local marrero bar(peewees).

Mr. Thomas Explains, "It was just to be an initial meeting, nothing special I was going to the bar with some friends and she was going to meet us there with some of her friends."

It seemed that Chad's love interest would hide in the restroom, but finally got the courage to confront him. According to Police Sergeant Williams, "That's when things got out of control."

Apparently, like the rest of American Couples Chad Claims, "Deception is a deal breaker." SGT Williams states that witnesses explained Chad ended the romance on the spot causing "DKlacylovergirl82" to become angered and splashing a drink in his face.

This hit innocent bystanders whom retaliated. Like Dominoes fists started dropping all over the bar.

It took multiple units in riot gear to subdue the chaos

Alasia Wilson is wanted in Jefferson parish on 2 counts in a bar riot and 1 count of catfish. Anyone with information on her where bouts are to please contact jppd.
No reward at all.