Zombies spotted in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina

Saturday 06 June 87917 Shares

Zombies spotted in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina

Zombies have been spotted in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, witness say that two men and one woman had been attacked by six odd looking people, after which the two men and as well as the woman began walking around in the same odd way that the first six attackers.

we were able to obtain images from the witnesses that shill had working cell phones below. at last count there were no less than 200 zombie attacks in the last 2 weeks.
we were shocked to learn that it had been going on that long. the towns people whom wishes to stay anonymous says the reason the rest of the country doesn't know about the zombie attacks is that there is a strange army in all black that kills any person or zombie that gets too close to the boarder's of the town.

Witnesses also state that the local law enforcement have all been wiped out. "There was a national guard patrol sent in, but they were over taken and the government just decides to let us all die" says one witness.

towns people say that they've been getting local broadcast from trump to them stating that this was the new america and that america will do everything in it's power to assure zombies and man could live in peace